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How it Works

Why Choose Kaya

Your Story Matters

Everyone has a story worth sharing. With Kaya, you’ll learn that you’re in a safe space to explore the nature of your experiences and challenges.

Give and receive

We feel giving and receiving support is the foundation of a healthy group dynamic. Your groups will facilitate this shared process to help propel everyone forward.

Grow Together

Your new support system will help you discover your voice and give you the tools to relate to others in a healthy way. You’re no longer alone in your journey.

Let’s start with you

We’ll begin by asking you basic questions to get to know you better and to understand your needs. Our simple assessments are used frequently throughout your journey to help measure your wellness and track your growth over time.

Support for any area of your life

Our groups cover a wide range of topics centered around mental health and wellness and are free to explore. Groups range from $20 - $100 per session, and there is no limit to how many groups you may join.

Variety to fit you and your wellness goals

Our therapists are all licensed and trained professionals with a strong focus on group dynamics. Groups are scheduled throughout the day and are offered as either single drop-in sessions or multi-session programs that require a longer commitment.


How can I register?

Register by submitting your information through the 'Get Early Access' button. We'll contact you once we launch so you can create a profile and get started.

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